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The UltraLite has a manual hand pump hydraulics with a low profile hardware rig that only requires 12” of clearance. When the operator hears the valve open he releases the hydraulic line pressure and the computer records all data and calculates set pressure.  Unit includes computer, 2 batteries, power supply/charger, hardware rig, hand pump, 22 spindle adapters, 2 cable sets, 5k load cell, 3k pressure transducer, and 2 shipping cases.

The UltraStar-LFM operates the same as above however, the system is packaged different. The computer is packaged in the same case as the UltraLite and the electronic hydraulics is packaged in a portable instrument case. This system also includes a re-close feature.

The UltraStar-LFMC Combination system has the best of worlds. It includes the computer packaged in the UltraLite laptop portable case, electronic hydraulics packaged in a portable instrument case, and 2 hardware rigs to accommodate either system.

All products feature color screens, usb ports, user and customer database operations and extensive manufacturer valve database.


Hardware Rig

Laptop Portable In-Line Pressure Relief Valve Testing Device

The Ultralite's primary function is to verify the set pressure of safety and safety relief valves in-line, without having to shut down a system or unit. External force applied to the valve spindle, coupled with system pressure and a "true" effective area, are acquired, processed, stored, and exported or printed. The end result is the valve set point. This is derived from the following equation: Ps = F/Ae + Pi
Where the "Ps" is the set pressure, "F" is the force required to overcome seating force, "Ae" is the effective area, and "Pi" is the inlet pressure at the time of test. The Ultralite has in its database effective areas for most PRV types and configurations. Force and inlet pressure are measured and brought into the microprocessor utilizing high-resolution data acquisition and precision transducers calibrated to 0.1%. Static inlet pressure must be present to perform the test.
A single acting hydraulic ram fixed into a universal mounting hardware assembly is placed over the valve spindle and connections are made for pressure and load input. Once the proper valve data is entered into the valve data base and the user performs the necessary automatic calibration, the test screen instructs the user to begin the test. The user strokes a small portable hand pump until the valve begins to relieve at which time the pump valve is opened and test data is triggered, processed and the results are displayed.
Test results are then saved and can be exported to a USB disk, external drive, or printed directly from the system. The results are provided in a two-page format with both digital and analog test information.


Portable In-Line Pressure Relief Valve Testing Device


The UltraStar-LFM is a microprocessor controlled lift assist device designed to establish set pressure, in-line, on all spring loaded pressure relief valves, with an exposed threaded spindle. A fully self-contained electro-hydraulic power unit offers complete control during the test cycle.

Provided are a set of threaded spindle adapters that simply screw onto the valve spindle. A lightweight yoke assembly clamps to the valve bonnet/boss and the technician remotely closes the custom robotic gripper onto a threaded spindle adapter. From the same remote location the entire test is performed. All data parameters are acquired in "real time" and trigger in automatic or manual mode.
The system is preloaded with seat areas for most valve types. (note: If a valve being tested is not in the database, a true area can be developed with the proper valve characteristics).